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Ounce Bowl

Lunch Box

Paper Plate

Why Our Product?

- All natural, compostable, biodegradable and disposable products with no binders/chemicals! 100% Guaranteed Genuine and Satisfaction.

- Our wide range of Biodegradable and compostable products will allow you to choose the style that works best for your needs. All products are eco-friendly and compostable

- We are dedicated to providing zero- waste products. We specialize in eco-friendly products and disposable supplies that feature a range of dining wares to food containers, collection has varieties to satisfy restaurants, caterers, party organizers, and customers from different industries as of hospital, packing and agricultural pulp molding.


BulkZoom is committed to bringing to bring Canada's the highest quality of compostable containers at the best prices to keep environmental friendly. All of our products are registered and ship out of our warehouse in Vancouver.

Go Green and Go Healthy

Making a difference, taking action for a greener planet , Using biodegradable and compostable products